Services in the Benefice


Not every church has a service on every Sunday.  Here is the general pattern, although there can be some changes: please see In Touch, our Benefice weekly newssheet, for the services for the forthcoming week.


1st Sunday of the month

1000    AXBRIDGE                  United Benefice Communion


2nd Sunday of the month

1600    ROWBERROW             Holy Communion

1800    SHIPHAM                   Evening Praise


3rd Sunday of the month

1000    AXBRIDGE                 Parish Communion

1000    SHIPHAM                   Together in Worship

1600    ROWBERROW            Evensong


4th Sunday of the month

1000    SHIPHAM                    Holy Communion

1800    AXBRIDGE                  Evening Praise


5th Sunday of the month

1000    SHIPHAM/ROWBERROW       United Benefice Communion


Services at festivals and during holiday periods may be different.  

The first Sunday service from Axbridge continues to be broadcast via Zoom and is available afterwards on YouTube.  Other services may be available on Zoom / YouTube; please check In Touch for details. The normal Zoom Meeting ID is 848 7054 2482, Passcode: 294593.


Here’s some information about what each type of service is:


Holy Communion/Parish Communion

These mean the same thing.  Communion is the service where we take bread and wine to remember Christ’s sacrifice in dying for us.

United Benefice Communion

This is a Communion service, as above, but one where all three churches join to worship together. 

Evening Praise

This is our most informal service.  We use mainly modern worship songs, accompanied by different instruments where possible.  We make use of visual screens.  We often include physical activities, such as lighting a candle in remembrance of someone or something, or using a stone to think about what weighs us down.


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