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We are committed to keeping all children and adults safe


In our Benefice we take very seriously the issue of safeguarding children (those under the age of 18) and vulnerable adults (those whose ability to protect themselves from any form of abuse or harm is impaired, through disease, disability, illness, old age or emotional fragility, either permanently or for a period of time).


We are committed to providing environments where everyone feels safe and nurtured.


If a child or adult is in immediate need of medical help, please dial 999 and mention your concerns about safeguarding.

If you are concerned that it would not be safe for a child or vulnerable adult to return to their home,  they do not want to return home or they disclose abuse to you, please contact the Somerset County Council Duty Social Worker for adults or children then inform the Benefice Safeguarding Officer.

If you witness abuse of a child or adult, please contact the Benefice Safeguarding Officer for advice immediately; her details are below.  You can also contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team and their details are also below.


Abuse is never the fault of the person being abused


Benefice Safeguarding Officer

Julie Leader is our Safeguarding Officer for all three parishes in the Benefice.  If you have a concern, please contact her on 07514 036134 or j.c.leader@btinternet.com. 


Diocesan Safeguarding Team

The Diocesan Safeguarding Team, led by Ben Goodhind, Safeguarding Manager, can be contacted on 07834 514842 or 01749 588917, or ben.goodhind@bathwells.anglican.org.

For more information on safeguarding within the diocese, see here.


Safeguarding policies

Click here to see the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy.


Click here to see safeguarding information from the Church of England and here for the Church of England Safeguarding Policy.


Last updated HJF 20 May 2024

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