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Baptism is a public declaration of trusting in God and wanting to follow him.  It means becoming a member of the Church, who promise to support the person being baptised.  You can be baptised at any age, from babyhood onwards.  If someone is too young to make the promises for themselves, Godparents make the promises on their behalf.  Because you are baptised into the family of the Church, it’s good if the Church family is present so baptisms, where possible, will take place within a regular Sunday service.


Baptisms can take place in any church, although it is good practice to ask the permission of your parish priest if you want your child to be baptised outside the parish.


You may find it useful to look at the information here: churchofenglandchristenings.org



Thanksgiving for the birth of a child

If you want to wait for your child to make their own baptismal vows but would like to thank God for their birth and pray for his blessing on the child and parents, you may want to consider this type of service.  It’s very like a baptism but there are no vows made and the parents don’t need to make a public declaration of faith.  You can still have supporting friends, who act like Godparents in supporting the parents to bring the child up to know God.  Your child can then decide to be baptised when they are ready to make their own decision.


Services of thanksgiving can take place in any church, although it is good practice to ask the permission of your parish priest if you want your child to be baptised outside the parish.




This is where those who have been baptised, particularly if they were baptised when they were too young to make their own promises, can confirm their faith and their commitment to following God.  Confirmation is carried out by a Bishop and usually happens with a group of people from different churches; this means that the service may not be in your own church building, although usually church members will travel to support you.  Preparation for confirmation is usually done by your own church.






Weddings are such joyous events and you may wish to make your wedding vows in front of God as well as in front of your families and friends.  We’re very happy to discuss what you would like.  If you would like to know more about getting married in church, the Church of England has provided information here: yourchurchwedding.org.  Please note that, to be married in a church you must have a qualifying connection to that church.


Qualifying Connection

A qualifying connection can be:

  • living within the parish, either currently or for six months
  • baptised within the parish
  • prepared for confirmation within the parish (even if not confirmed there)
  • parents or grandparents married within the parish
  • parents living in the parish for at least six months whilst you were alive
  • attending regularly for worship (regularly is defined as attending at least monthly for a consecutive period of at least six months)





Funerals can be divided into two parts: there can be a service to remember the departed and commit them to God, with the theme of hope, and then there is the committal (either cremation or burial).  The committal can take place either before or after the funeral service, or indeed on another occasion.  Your chosen funeral director will take care of arranging all of this with the priest.  It is a privilege to support families through this most difficult of times and we work closely with funeral directors to make the whole process as smooth as possible.  Know that you will be in our prayers.


Funerals can take place in any church, although it is good practice to ask the permission of your parish priest if you want the funeral to be outside the parish.  Please note that, unless you have a family grave, with room, we are unable to carry out burials in any of our churchyards as they are full.  See our information about our churchyards.


The parish priest is also available to support you after a funeral for as long as you need; you just have to ask. 


You may find it useful to visit here: churchofenglandfunerals.org.



If you would like to enquire about a baptism, thanksgiving, wedding or funeral, please contact the Priest in Charge or the church office.


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