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Mary Sumner was born in 1826 at Swinton.  In 1848 she married a young curate named George Sumner.  A mother of three children, Mary called a meeting in 1876 at which the Mothers' Union was founded, providing a forum in which mothers of all classes could join together and share experience of bringing up children in the Christian faith.  Baptism and parental example were its two basic principles.

Starting as a parochial organisation, it has grown to an International organisation seeking to be a 'Caretaker' of family life. 4 million members in 80 countries.  We are asked by our Government to give a voice on issues relating to children, family life and the care of the family in general. Recently we have been asked to discuss, Gender Abuse, (this is a campaign in which we asked members of the church to join in prayer and response in November each year).  There has been the issue of the new proposals for marriage and civil partnerships, and recently the matter of abuse in the home. We are looking at the Bye Buy Childhood campaign recommendations 2015. This follows the 2010 bill accepted by parliament.

charlotte gurlip from false bayThe Mothers' Union run contact centres, there are two in our area.  "Away from it all" holidays for families in need.  The Faith and Policy group are constantly keeping family matters under review.

Each area of the world is linked to another part of the World using a daily prayer diary, this shows the size of the organisation!  And sometimes we meet in person - for example, the recent visit from Charlotte Gurlip from False Bay in Southern Africa.

A Suitcase of Puppets Piled High

mothers' union puppets for lighthouse school, gazaPuppets made by Mothers Union members in the Diocese for children in the kindergarten of the Lighthouse school in Gaza. 107 for the children (these can be used often for the children to express themselves) and 13 large animals for the teachers to use for story telling.

Click on the picture to see them in all their glory!




Bath and Wells Mothers' Union

The Bath and Wells Diocese Mothers' Union website contains information about these campaigns, copies of Newsletters, the Disocesan Diary and details of local branches.

Axbridge Branch 2018 Meetings

We hold monthly meetings at 2.30 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in Axbridge Church Rooms.

Date Speaker / Event Location
July 11th - 2.30pm to 4.00pm Cream Tea in aid of Away from it all holidays 14 Farthing Combe
August 9th Mary Sumner Day TBA
September 12th - 2.30pm Contact Centres - Sylvia North Axbridge Church Rooms
October 10th - 2.30pm Overseas Meeting Axbridge Church Rooms
November 14th - 2.30pm Food Banks - Penny Cooke Axbridge Church Rooms
December 6th - 11.30am Cathedral Paryers led by Axbridge Deanery Wells Cathedral
December 10th - 2.30pm Deanery Advent Service Axbridge Church
December 12th - 10.30am Christmas Coffee Axbridge Church Rooms


Please contact Janet Angle or Joyce Winder for more information.


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