Catch this Magazine

Catch this is the Parish magazine for Axbridge, Shipham and Rowberrow.  Linking our three communities, it is crammed full of local news, views and articles.  There are 11 issues each year from February to December.

Catch this is available in a print edition delivered locally, as an e-magazine and as a combined package

Delivery - the print edition

To have every issue of Catch this delivered to your door is only £7.50 for the year! Contact:

  • Axbridge: Malcolm Owen - 07747 624131
  • Shipham: Penny Rutter - 01934 843319
  • Rowberrow: Margaret Pritchard - 01934 852568

If you live or are moving outside the Benefice but would like to receive a copy, please contact the Editor to arrange a monthly postal service for you, an additional charge applies to cover postage.  Alternatively, consider subscribing to the e-magazine.

See below for how to subscribe.

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e-magazine - web based version

Catch this is available on the web using an online viewer, Issuu, which is compatible with browsers on PC, Mac and Linux, and has apps for Android tablets and phones, the iPhone and iPad.  The e-magazine is in full colour and has a zoom facility to ensure the text is the perfect size for you.  The online version is normally available a few days before the printed version.  Subscribers also get a link to a pdf e-book that can be read offline.

Subscribers to the e-magazine receive a monthly email with their link to the latest Catch this.  A subscription to the e-magazine is £4.00 for 2017.  See below for how to subscribe.

Past issues of Catch this from December 2014 are available at Issuu.  

December 2014  
February 2015 March 2015
April 2014 May 2015
June 2015  July 2015
August 2015 September 2015
October 2015 November 2015
December 2015  
February 2016 March 2016
April 2016 May 2016
June 2016 July 2016
August 2016 September 2016
October 2016 November 2016
December 2016  
February 2017 March 2017
April 2017 May 2017
June 2017 July 2017
August 2017 September 2017
Octber 2017 (subscribers only)  

There are some notes on getting started with the Issuu reader here.

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Print edition and e-magazine together

If you would like to enjoy both the e-magazine and the printed version, we can offer you a discounted annual subscription for both of just £10 (saving 13%).

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If you already subscribe to the printed version of the magazine, please pay your distributor as normal (£7.50; cheques payable to “AS&R Benefice”).  If you would like to start receiving the printed version please contact:

  • Axbridge: Malcolm Owen - 07747 624131
  • Shipham: Roger Hughes - 01934 843383
  • Rowberrow: Margaret Pritchard - 01934 852568

If, however, you would like to subscribe to the online version (£4) or both the online and paper versions (£10) please complete this form and give it to your Catch this distributor with your payment.

You can also purchase an online only subscription for 2017 using the PayPal link below. If you have problems or cannot use PayPal, please send your name and email address to andy.pcc@acgnleg.org.uk and we will contact you.

Catch this e-magazine - 2017 subscription

catch this e-magazine - 2017 subscription Purchase a subscription to the Catch this e-magazine for 2017. Before you purchase, please check that you can access the past issues using your chosen reader.
Catch this e-magazine - 2017 subscription £4.00
Privacy - use of your email address: please select an option

After your online subscription has been processed you will receive a confirmation email from MailChimp, the email distribution service we use.  Please click on the confirmation link in the message to start your subscription.

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Magazine Copy

The Catch this Editor is Kevin Walke

All magazine copy should be emailed to him by 15th of each month at catch.this.magazine@outlook.com  Early submission is advised as space is limited.

Local correspondents also collect and forward items to the Editor for inclusion:

  • Axbridge: Paul Passey
  • Shipham: Julia Bradshaw
  • Rowberrow: Sue Gunn

Advertising and Classified Ads

To advertise  in Catch this contact Kevin Walke:

  • Phone: 07821 186702
  • Email: catch.this.advertising@hotmail.co.uk

Last Updated by AG 26 August 2017